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Hydration, Regeneration, Purifying, Slows down the ageing process, gives a glowing complexion.

Your entire body is precious, so choose personal care products that reflect your consciousness and commitment to self-love. Say no to toxins and yes to the heatlhiest ingredients possible. You deserve to look and feel great, and you are worth the effort. Be a natural beauty.

This unique range of dermo-cosmetic skin care products combines high-technology formulae with high performance, natural active ingredients for an exceptionally effective result. Pure active ingredients produced by extreme conditions grown in totally pollution-free zones.

The Sève de Vie (Sap of Life) complex helps to prevent and correct the natural and premature signs of skin ageing. It regenerates the epidermis in a spectacular way while strengthening the flexibility and elasticity of cell tissue.

All the products from the Sève de Vie range have received Ecocert Organic certification*. *Natural and Organic Cosmetics certified by ECOCERT Greenlife in accordance with the ECOCERT standard.

All facials are personalised.
They combine manual techniques and treatments using the Pure Altitude skincare line with mountain plants ingrediënts and essential oils.

Les classiques

Éclat Sève de Vie - 75 minutes € 97,50
A treatment that demonstrates all the benefits of the Seve de Vie line, giving an instant glow. Thanks to the draining and kneading and rolling massage technique, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out and dark circles reduced.

Drainage Esthétique du Visage - 40 minutes € 67,-
Aesthetic Facial Drainage, gentle massage with regular pressure to stimulate lymphatic circulation, drain toxins and restore the skin’s natural glow.

Pureté au Masculin - 90 minutes € 112,50
A purifying, relaxing, hydrating treatment especially for men, where the skin is cleansed in depth to regain freshness and purity.

Soins Visage:

Soin Complet Sève de Vie - 105 minutes € 138,50
Detox and Pampering.
Complete facial adapted to the age of your skin, combining manual massage techniques with the use of jade rollers, it makes the complexion glow, smoothes the skin and activates cell regeneration, leaving the skin pure and fresh.

Soin Bol d’Air Pur - 90 minutes € 123,50
Traditional facial designed to relax and make the complexion glow. Massaging the reflex zones of the face induces a profound sense of well-being.

We suggest you make a reservation to secure your preferred time and treatment. Please call 020-6315597 for reservations.

Alp-Cells Repair Or 90 minutes € 152,50

Discover the Alp-Cells Repair ritual with gold leaf. A unique and exclusive anti-aging treatment that associates redensifying active ingredients used in Alp- Cells Repair with a remodeling technique for a cellular boost.

Body massage:
Relaxation & pressure point massage
This massage can be both relaxing and energizing by stimulating circulation and relieving muscle tension and ideal for an overall sense of well-being.

  • 30 Minutes € 48,50 
  • 60 Minutes € 92,50  
  • 80 Minutes “le secret du skieur” incl. infra-red-sauna
    € 102,50

Refining add-on

Brow Shaping € 26,50
Brow Touch Up € 20,50
Eyelash & Brow Tinting € 30,50
Eyelash or Brow Tinting € 20,50
Lip & Chin Waxing € 30,50
Lip or Chin Waxing € 20,50
Cheek Waxing € 30,50

There will be only 80% of the modules calculated if combined with a facial.