Valmont anti-aging treatments

These ultimate anti-aging treatments are a unique and luxurious harmony of noble ingrediënts from the natural, unspoilt resources of Switzerland: essential plant extracts, glacial spring water, wich naturally preserved, RNA, DNA, enriches the formulas of the Valmont product lines….

Mastering the needs of the skin, the Valmont Treatments and Products offers long-lasting and visible results!

During an intimate and exclusive beauty appointment, your therapist will establish your GLOBAL SKIN AGEING PROFILE, the key to your tailored program. Because each skin is unique.

No need to worry about anything, your therapist will take care of it all. As in a carefully choreographed ballet, our high performance products will be gently applied to your skin following a series of gentle touches, aesthetic drainage, or carefully selected pressure points...

By carefully focusing, we will help you connect with your skin, its reactions, deficiencies and needs, in order to recover its vitality, sparkle and glow.

To also benefit from the best of VALMONT between two treatments, your therapist will suggest a home treatment program which will benefit your skin and help it reveal its highest beauty.

Whether you have half an hour available between two appointments, or whether you feel like indulging in a prolonged spa experience, YOUNIQUE has the answer by offering levels of treatments:

Valmont Discovery Treatment

Highly concentrated efficiency to reveal the benefits of the VALMONT brand in minimal time.

Treatment 30 minutes € 63,50

Valmont Basic Treatment

An essential treatment featuring enhanced action thanks to the application of Valmont Renewing pack and Moist with a Hydration facial mask for optimal efficiency.

Treatment 60 minutes € 96,50

Valmont Complete Treatment

A true beauty ceremony beginning with a relaxing preliminary for the body to efficiently unwind the facial features. Thanks to the application of the Collagen facial mask. As you begin fading into your dreams... the Valmont magic begins to operate.

Treatment 75 minutes € 147,50

Valmont Intensive Treatment

Exclusively in this treatment, recover long-lasting results thanks to the application of the high technology BOOSTER offers your skin genuine rejuvenation, a lifting massage, a collagen facial mask... allow your skin to reach the heights it deserves! An ideal treatment for a visibly and durably lifted and denser face.

Treatment 90 minutes € 162,50

Valmont Purifying Treatment

Mixed to oily skins require particular attention. Purifying the oily spots without drying the already alipidic areas, while continuing to treat the signs of ageing - the Valmont Purity treatment is
more than a simple skin cleanse, it acts in a targeted manner on the face areas which are unbalanced. It gently rebalances, cleanses and purifies theskin. An unprecedented refreshing and matifying experience!

Intensive Treatment 90 minutes € 162,50

Valmont Purifying Treatment

An outstanding firming treatment to fight lines and wrinkles on the face and neck. The groundbreaking formula reduces deeply buried wrinkles and minimizes the appearance of fine lines wrinkles from te inside.

Intensive Treatment 90 minutes € 179,50

Valmont Brightness Treatment

Under the sun, time slows down... yet skin ageing accelerates... The sun repair treatment combines the benefits of the Valmont Expert of Light ranges to soothe the fragile skin of the face and décolleté, repair sun damage and deeply regenerate the skin.
Whether you were sunbathing on the beach or running down ski slopes, this treatment will erase the undesirable effects of UV rays on your skin.

Intensive Treatment 105 minutes € 192,50


The eye contour is an extremely fragile area which is why it ages prema- turely. In addition to wrinkles, accumulated toxins result in dark circles and swelling. To treat this part of the face which can reveal your age or lifestyle, VALMONT offers a unique treatment perfectly adapted to this highly delicate skin area.

Products applied following exceptionally lifting and draining gestures stimulate the synthesis of new collagen fibers. With each treatment, the dermis is re-plumped and the skin regains its density. The treatment brings imme- diately visible lifting results, to everybody’s greatest satisfaction.

The eyes recover their sparkle and youth thanks to a decongesting massage of the eye contour. The specific collagen mask erases the wrinkles and fine lines of the crow’s feet. This treatment is a must.

Treatment 45 minutes € 75,00

We suggest you make a reservation to secure your preferred time and treatment. Please call 020-6315597 for reservations.


Valmont face

Refining add-on treatments

Brow Shaping € 26,50
Brow Touch Up € 20,50
Eyelash & Brow Tinting € 30,50
Eyelash or Brow Tinting € 20,50
Lip & Chin Waxing € 30,50
Lip or Chin Waxing € 20,50
Cheek Waxing € 30,50

There will be only 80% of the modules calculated if combined with a facial.