Intraceutical treatments

Your secret behind beauty….

Immediate results are seen after just one Intraceuticals Infusion Treatment. This Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is safe for all skin types - even the most sensitive or stressed skin.

Go to the top with intraceuticals!

1. Intraceuticals ‘It’s my day!’ Treatment

Recommended for brides and special occasions.

Your skin will emerge deeply hydrated, balanced and glowing with vitality. Results are not only instant but continue to improve in the following days, in conjunction with continued use of at home products. Your skin will emerge deeply hydrated, balanced and glowing with vitality.

Treatments Course 3 x 45 minutes incl.1 flacon Hydration Gel € 395,-

2. Intraceuticals ‘Guess my Age’ Treatment

Customized and focused to any skin type

This anti-aging treatment results in instantly smoother looking skin with reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, better volume and increased firmness.

Booster customized en focused range:

  • The Vitamin C+Booster is for all skin types and helps even out irregular skin tone and sun damage.
    Collagen+Booster ->is packed with peptides for restoring volume and tightness to skin that's lost elasticity, tone and density.
  • The Vitamin A+ Booster is great for oily or acneic skin, or if you have really visible pores. It also helps resurface fine lines and wrinkles like a traditional retinol product. It's been formulated to have a buffer, so it's not as irritating as other retinols.
  • Antioxidant+ Booster really does give your skin that boost when it looks tired and kind of sad, the same way you would drink a green juice when you feel blah. It also has more natural ingredients than the others.

Treatment 60 minutes € 135,-

3. Intraceuticals ‘Conceal my age’ Treatment

Smooth – Tone – Lift

Anti-aging facial perfect for those who desire luminous, hydrated, firmer skin with a radiant firmer complexion. With relaxing pressure point face massage and long fluid movement neck massage.

Addition of Lip and Eye masks in this treatment dramatically plumps the lips providing a full and rich natural coulour and deeply moisturize the eye area resulting in a brightened, rejuvenated and more refreshed look.

Perfect for all occasions when a glowing, visibly youthfull appearance is desired.

Treatment 75 minutes € 175,-
6 Treatments Course incl. 4 products € 1195,-

If you need any help by choosing a treatment. We are happy to help you! Please call: (+0031) (0)20-631 55 97 or mail to:

4. Intraceuticals ‘Refresh my beauty’ Treatment

Hydrate – Tone – Lift

Enjoy and relax. Choose this treatment with pressure point face and relaxing neck massage.
This facial leaves the skin refreshed, the perfect antidote for skin that needs hydrated and a circulation boost from air travel or stress.

Treatment 75 minutes € 135,-
6 Treatments course incl. 4 products € 995,-

5. Intraceuticals ‘My secret..’ Treatment

Hydrate – Firm – Smooth

Instant hydrating facial booster, smooth and plumps the skin leaving it firm and glowing. Activating more vital and younger-looking skin.

Treatment 60 minutes € 120,-
6 Treatments Course incl. 4 products € 975,-

6. Intraceuticals ‘Recharge for Men’ Treatment

Recommended and customized for men

Disigned to calm, heal and smooth out skin texture. With relaxing pressure point face and neck massage helps to release tension.

Treatment 60 minutes € 120,-
6 Treatments Course incl. 4 products € 975,-

We suggest you make a reservation to secure your preferred time and treatment. Please call 020-6315597 for reservations.

Intraceuticals treatment

Intraceuticals treatment

Intraceuticals treatment

Refining add-on

Brow Shaping € 25,50
Brow Touch Up € 19,50
Eyelash & Brow Tinting € 29,50
Eyelash or Brow Tinting € 19,50
Lip & Chin Waxing € 29,50
Lip or Chin Waxing € 19,50
Cheek Waxing € 29,50

There will be only 80% of the modules calculated if combined with a facial.